Motorcycle Rental in Vietnam

Motorcycle Rental in Vietnam

You have just arrived in Vietnam on vacation, and you realized when you arrived that it was a nation where you can only travel by motorcycle because the traffic is bad. So, you are now thinking :  “where  can I find a motorcycle rental near me?”. 

We offer a variety of motorcycles in different colors, sizes, models, and at different prices so that you can find the one the suites you and your budget. In addition, you can rent the motorcycles for as long as you wish, whether it is during your entire stay in Vietnam or for a few days in order to avoid the traffic of the city. So there you go, we have just answered your question of “where  can I find a motorcycle rental near me?”. We recomend you some trusted site to rent a bike.

They locate at Hochiminh city.

Address: 115/21 Lê Văn Sỹ, P. 13, Q.Phú Nhuận
Tel: 0909269732 – 0908959723 (Đặt xe)
Hotline: 0384076835‬

This is an application to find a bike near you. The price is reasonable.

Their policy is to keep your passport. They provide 2 helmets for you. Gasolin is empty.

If you affraid your passport problem, you can rent a bike at your hotel or ask a receptionist to rent for you. They no need to keep your passport, but the price is higher.


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